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 Elevate your special occasions with YOLO Rolled Ice Cream's exquisite catering service!  Indulge your guests in a unique and delightful experience as we bring the magic of rolled ice cream to your weddings, events, and more. Our skilled team arrives with pre-made rolls that are not only delicious but also a feast for the eyes. 


Make your celebration unforgettable by opting for our interactive package, where we provide a roll-your-own station with a dedicated machine. Let your friends, family, and kids become ice cream artisans, creating personalized rolls that add a touch of fun to your gathering.


Whether it's the elegance of a wedding or the vibrancy of a special event, YOLO Rolled Ice Cream brings a sweet twist to your festivities. Contact us today to book an experience that combines delectable flavors with entertainment, leaving everyone with smiles and memories that linger like the taste of our exceptional rolled ice cream!  #YOLOCatering #RolledIceCreamExperience #SweetCelebrations


1. Basic Rolled Ice Cream Catering:

  • Regular Rolled Ice Cream: $9.99 per serving

  • Kids Rolled Ice Cream: $7.99 per serving

2. Interactive Package:

  • Regular Rolled Ice Cream: $9.99 per serving

  • Roll-Your-Own Station (Machine Included): Additional $3.99 per person

Discounts for Quantity:

  • 50-100 servings: 5% off total price

  • 101-200 servings: 10% off total price

  • 201+ servings: Customized Quote Available

Additional Information:

  • Prices include setup, pre-made rolls, and all necessary equipment.

  • Additional charges may apply for specific customization requests.

  • Delivery and service charges may vary based on the event location.

  • Book early to secure your date and enjoy the delightful experience of YOLO Rolled Ice Cream at your special occasion!

For inquiries and booking, please contact us at 1-417-559-5227 and or

#YOLOCatering #SweetMemories #RolledIceCreamCelebration

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